CRM Analyst

Job description

About Snapp

Snapp is the pioneer provider of ride-hailing mobile solutions in Iran that connects smartphone owners in need of a ride to Snapp drivers who use their private cars offering transportation services. We are ambitious, passionate, engaged, and excited about pushing the boundaries of the transportation industry to new frontiers and be the first choice of each user in Iran.


  • Identify and create users’ segments for CRM communications based on business needs using dashboards, BI, or data querying
  • Regularly run, assess and review CRM campaigns and optimize their performance through ongoing tests
  • Manage loyalty club related activities with all stakeholders to fulfill the business requirements.
  • keep organized history of CRM campaigns
  • manage time in a way that communications are sent according to their priorities
  • Coordinate with various team members and suggest initiative possibilities from CRM standpoints.
  • Identify trends and insights, and optimize performance based on those insights


  • Agility in re-prioritizing and execution of tasks according to changes in circumstances
  • Flexibility to work in off hours
  • Comfortable with using formulas in large MS Excel files
  • Being a team player in stressful situations
  • Attention to details
  • Proficiency in programming in Python, R
  • English proficiency
  • Experienced in writing SQL Queries