Data Analyst

Job description

  • Dive deep into data and provide patterns and insights that are actionable
  • Collaborate with other Data Analysis Team members to share technical, analytical, and statistical best practices as well as making our Data Stack evolve in order to gain scalability and productivity

  • Manage data pipelines and work with the Operations Data Analysis team to add new data sources and improve the existing ones.

  • Improve existing procedures; identify the needs for new procedures; train and advocate the team on quality improvements

  • Design and execute A|B tests to determine optimal decisions around Product/Operations

  • Create a reliable and user-friendly data structure

  • Executing the necessary actions to improve the performance of the given segment

  • Monitoring and improvement of the flow of data (from databases to the final report)

  • Develop Python/R codes to automate the flow of data within the team


  • Bachelor or Master's degree in Business Administration, Engineering, Data Science, Statistics and Mathematics
  • More than 3 years of experience in the related field 
  • Knowledge of Python, R, and BI
  • Good with numbers
  • Great Analytical Skills
  • Good English Skills
  • Good communication Skill
  • Teamwork ability
  • Statistics and Data Analysis Tools and skills including Excel, SQL