Data Analyst - SnappPay

Job description

About SnappPay
At SnappPay, we are going to disrupt the financial industry in Iran and rebuild the concept of financial services for the digital world customers. We have the best talents in tech, product, and business areas and have been developing top-notch products.

About the Team

SnappPay is the financial arm of the Snapp Group, focused on financial products. We are leveraging Financial Technologies to provide our users with better and smarter solutions for Payment, Credit, Investment, Insurance, and their other financial needs.
Supporting Snapp Group’s mission of enhancing Iranian people's quality of life through Internet services, SnappPay’s mission is to bring financial inclusion to all Iranian.
This is just the beginning of Fintech disruption ...


Analytics is at the heart of SnappPay’s success. An analyst at SnappPay provides analytical and business expertise to ensure that we deliver value to customers. You will be acting as a bridge between the models, operations, products, and business decisions and are expected to know how to build strategies by connecting them. Think of an analyst at SnappPay as a "Swiss army knife".

SnappPay is a data-driven company where decisions are based on facts and not opinions. Analytics is integrated in the organization and a key function in many different areas - some examples include credit risk, finance, product development, and sales. Even if Analytics is applied in many different areas there are some things that all analysts have in common: a strong drive combined with analytical skills and a great team spirit!

  • Create structure in disordered information/data
  • Manipulate and explore data
  • Analyze problems to understand their root cause
  • Design and implement strategies in a rapidly evolving industry
  • Generate insights and recommendations
  • Communicate insights and recommendations
  • Use creativity to bring new solutions on the table


  • At least a bachelor's degree from a university in a numerate subject (e.g. Economics, Science, Engineering, or Business
  • Familiar with data model and its structure and relations in order to generate valid reports
  • Able to produce insight reports based on tasks from management, growth, marketing, product, and research team
  • Able to have a deep understanding of data to explore it to find hidden patterns
  • Being on-time and responsible for the given tasks
  • Able to share his/her reports to the team and stakeholders and communicate with them as a team to reach a satisfying solution.
  • Strong attention to detail and experience in using structured approaches to problem-solving
  • Significant drive and ambition
  • Strong conceptual ability
  • Preferably an understanding of how to perform data extraction and manipulation, as well as programming languages (SQL and Python)
  • Familiar with Visualization and BI tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Superset, and …
  • Familiar with Machine learning methods especially clustering.