DevOps Engineer-SnappBox

Job description

SnappBox is seeking a talented and motivated DevOps Engineer to join our Tech department. As a DevOps Engineer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and continuous improvement of our systems.

Utilize Docker and container orchestration to streamline deployment processes.
Automate tasks and improve efficiency using scripting languages like Bash and Python.
Implement and maintain continuous integration and delivery pipelines.
Manage system configuration for consistency and reliability.
Proactively monitor and resolve system issues.
Troubleshoot and resolve technical problems.
Create and maintain comprehensive system documentation.
Implement and manage backup solutions.
Integrate systems and tools for collaboration and efficiency.
Configure and optimize databases for optimal performance.
Utilize DevOps tools to streamline development and deployment processes.


We are looking for candidates who are Linux lovers and have full knowledge of at least LPIC-1. We're trying to find good junior candidates if possible but to pass as a junior, you must have a good laboratory experience with Docker, Git, MySQL or MariaDB, Bash or Python, any open-source web server, and any open-source reverse proxy service. We favor candidates who are familiar with or have laboratory experience with Prometheus, Elasticsearch, Linux networking, and Kubernetes.
We're not limiting ourselves to junior candidates only and if you have more experience in DevOps, please fill free to apply to this job.
Like any other company, we do check your experience with mentioned tools but the most important part which we do care about is the engineering mindset due to this, you should know the related academic knowledge which includes but is not limited to OS, TCP/IP, container, data structure, programming, and algorithm.
Good interpersonal communication and presentation skills are extremely important, as DevOps engineers will collaborate with various teams.