Field Fleet Specialist

Job description

    • Supervising fleet in terms of discipline and fleet behavior in dispatching areas or specific spots in the city.
    • Designing and preparing regular reports based on spot visits.
    • Investigating operation bottle necks in dispatch areas and facilitating processes and fixing issues, removing blockers and barriers in operations in its fastest way, so the dispatch process will not face any delay or halt.
    • Develop dashboards that provide reliable insights and visualization into performance relative to KPIs, projections, and historical performance.
    • Filling visit check lists and reporting related issues to central operations.
    • Ensuring discipline in dispatch area, no fraud or misbehave happens by biker/driver in dispatch areas.
    • Managing probable relations and conflicts in dispatch area among bikers/drivers or dispatch staff, and try to create a good atmosphere.
    • Reporting bad behavior, fraud or regulation violation by biker/drivers.
    • Training new joiner biker/drivers.


    • Pursuing a degree, a BA/MS in degree
    • Ability to work under pressure to tight deadlines
    • Ability to work on holidays and weekends and mid night shifts
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Excellent reporting and presentation skills
    • Commitment to learning
    • Have a strong sense of ownership
    • Having strong negotiation, stress and conflict management skills