Microsoft and VMware System Admin

Job description

About Snapp
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About the Role

We are seeking a system administrator with expertise in Microsoft services and VMware virtualization. The responsibilities of this role include maintaining and troubleshooting issues across various service areas and virtualization infrastructure. Critical services such as Active Directory and the organizational email system (Microsoft Exchange) fall under the purview of this position, ensuring their standard and proper functioning.
We require an individual with experience in working with the VMware NSX service for the setup and management of this critical service.

Job Responsibilities

  • Microsoft Services Management and Maintenance:
    • Includes foundational services such as Active Directory, IIS, DNS & DHCP, Failover Clustering Services, and ADFS.
    • Full familiarity with Microsoft Exchange services.
  • PowerShell CLI Structure:
    • Comprehensive understanding of PowerShell command-line interface.
  • VMware Virtualization Management and Maintenance:
    • Managing VCenter services, including HA/DRS/FT/Distributed Switch/vSAN.
    • Monitoring services such as VROPS.
    • Management and maintenance of VM ware NSX-T Service
  • Backup Solution Expertise:
    • Proficiency in Veeam Backup solutions.


  • Proven Experience:
    • Demonstrated experience as a system administrator in Microsoft services and VMware virtualization domains.
  • MCSA/MCSE Concepts:
    • Full mastery of concepts related to MCSA/MCSE certifications based on the latest Windows Server 2022.
  • VMware ICM/Cisco CCNA Concepts:
    • Complete understanding of VMware ICM and Cisco CCNA concepts.
  • Virtual Infrastructure Backup:
    • Proficiency in virtual infrastructure backup solutions, including Veeam Backup.
  • English Proficiency:
    • Familiarity with English language and effective communication in English.
  • Positive International Credentials: