Senior Strategic marketing research Analyst

Job description

About Snapp

Snapp is the pioneer provider of ride-hailing mobile solutions in Iran that connects smartphone owners in need of a ride to drivers who use their private cars offering transportation services. We are ambitious, passionate, engaged, and excited about pushing the boundaries of the transportation industry to new frontiers and be the first choice of each user in Iran.

About Strategy And market research team:
Here in Snapp Group, we should make data-driven decisions. For having high-quality services with happy users, should develop our products and services base on customers’ needs and preference. To reach that we interviewed more than half a million people directly and sent out our online questionnaires to 25M users during last year. These numbers should position us among the biggest maker research companies in the Middle East. We analyze gathered data precisely to identify business status, growth areas, and data-driven strategy recommendations. These studies are employed in a variety of fields typically in Transportation, Food, Shopping, Trip, Fintech, FMCG, and Health market.


  • Full scope market research in order to consolidate information into actionable strategies for all Snapp Group's target markets.
  • Determine, synthesize and develop market research solution to deliver insights and solutions to business stakeholders.
  • Compile and analyze statistical data using all possible methods.
  • Provide competitive analysis, identify trends, models, and methods of operation.
  • Remain fully informed on market trends, other researches and implement best practices.


As we advance, we will need a range of experts and managers to help us along the way, Who are Looking for an amazing experience in a lovely team

  • Be familiar with marketing research methods and data analysis tools
  • Skilled in reporting
  • Confidence, supported by a proactive approach to work
  • The ability to analyze complex issues
  • Problem solvers
  • People who are inspired by working in a collaborative professional environment
  • The hunger to grow and the ability to learn quickly