Software Engineer (Golang)

Job description

About Snapp

Snapp is the pioneer provider of ride-hailing mobile solutions in Iran that connects smartphone owners in need of a ride to Snapp drivers who use their private cars offering transportation services. We are ambitious, passionate, engaged, and excited about pushing the boundaries of the transportation industry to new frontiers and being the first choice of each user in Iran.

About the position

In the DER vertical, under the motto "Engagement is a Commitment!", our goal is to enhance our drivers' experiences, boosting their satisfaction and happiness. As a Tech Lead, you will be at the forefront of this mission, guiding and inspiring our Software Engineers. Your role involves overseeing the development and maintenance of systems crucial for engaging and retaining millions of drivers in the Snapp! ecosystem. You'll lead the design and implementation of scalable Microservices, backed by a solid understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This position is ideal for someone who thrives on tackling large-scale challenges and data, and who starts each day with clear goals, aiming to end it with new accomplishments.


  • Successfully develop, test, deploy, and enhance existing services, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  • Design and implement scalable, robust Microservices, optimizing system efficiency and capability.
  • Collaborate in defining the roadmap and architecture, aligning with both technological advancements and business objectives.
  • Lead and mentor the engineering team, improving their skills and productivity through regular feedback and guidance.


  • Effective communication skills with a positive attitude
  • Proficiency and Experience with Golang
  • Solid understanding of data modeling and software design principles
  • Comfortable with an agile, flexible approach in development
  • Fluent in SOLID principles and clean code concepts
  • Hands-on Microservice architecture
  • Strong knowledge of relational databases and ACID properties
  • Familiar with distributed tracing tools (jaeger, elk, ...)
  • Familiar with monitoring tools (e.g., Grafana, Prometheus)