Product Designer

Job description

About Snapp:

Snapp is the pioneer provider of ride-hailing mobile solutions in Iran that connects smartphone owners in need of a ride to Snapp drivers who use their private cars to offer transportation services. We are ambitious, passionate, engaged, and excited about pushing the boundaries of the transportation industry to new frontiers and being the first choice of each user in Iran.

About the Role:

As a member of our product design chapter at the Snapp Driver Team, you'll be entrusted with a comprehensive approach to the user experience, overseeing the journey from conceptualization to implementation. Your focus will be crafting an experience that resonates with our drivers, aligning with their needs and our product's strategic objectives.

As a Product Designer, you will take the helm of a designated feature or project, engaging in extensive collaboration with top-tier stakeholders. Your role will extend beyond design; it will involve identifying areas for improvement within our processes, identifying challenges through research, and creating innovative solutions. Your responsibility includes not only the creation and validation of these solutions but also their successful execution.

Moreover, your vast knowledge and experience will act as a guiding light for your colleagues. You will play a crucial role in mentoring fellow designers, guiding them through their projects, and fostering an environment of collective growth and excellence, empowering you with a sense of responsibility and leadership.


As a Product Designer at Snapp, you will be instrumental in shaping the driving experience for our users. Your responsibilities will include:

    • Understanding Driver Needs: Conducting research to deeply understand the challenges and requirements of drivers using the Snapp platform.

    • Designing Intuitive Interfaces: Crafting user-friendly and accessible design interfaces that enhance the driver's interaction with the Snapp app.

    • Collaborating with Teams: Working closely with engineering, product management, and customer service teams to align design objectives with technical feasibility and user feedback.

    • Prototyping and Testing: Developing prototypes for new features and conducting usability tests to ensure they meet our high standards of driver satisfaction.

    • Iterative Improvement: Continuously iterating on designs based on user data and feedback to improve the driver experience.

    • Advocating for Drivers: Serving as a champion for driver perspectives within the product team, ensuring their needs and concerns are addressed in product decisions.

    • Create and maintain concise design documentation: Accurately communicates design principles and decisions, ensuring clarity and consistency across teams for the Snapp app's driver side.

    • Mentoring and knowledge sharing: Providing guidance and support to other designers, helping them grow their skills and contribute effectively to the team by sharing your knowledge.


    Extensive Experience: Brings a wealth of knowledge from diverse design projects, demonstrating a track record of successful implementations and innovations.

    Ownership and Initiative: Takes full responsibility for tasks, proactively addressing challenges, and seeking solutions independently while being open to collaboration when necessary.

    Problem-Solving: Identifies user and business problems and devices effective design solutions that address core issues.

    Inquisitive Mindset: Demonstrates a strong willingness to ask critical questions that drive design innovation and improvements.

    Empathy and Understanding: Ability to understand and prioritize user needs and experiences.

    Analytical Thinking: Employs a data-driven approach to design, ensuring that decisions are informed by user feedback and analytics.

    Attention to Details: Maintains meticulous attention to the finer points of design, ensuring a polished and professional end product.

    Negotiation Skills: Effectively communicates and negotiates design concepts and decisions, balancing user needs with business objectives.

    Adaptability: Adjusts to new trends, technologies, and changing project requirements with ease and confidence.

    Creativity: Creativity to innovate and explore new design solutions within the framework of the design system, driving continuous improvement and evolution.

    Time Management: Effective time management skills to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and balance multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining quality and accuracy.

    Effective Communication and collaboration: collaborative culture and working alongside cross-functional teams, including designers, developers, product managers, and stakeholders.