Social Media Lead

Job description

About Snapp
Snapp is the pioneer provider of ride-hailing mobile solutions in Iran that connects smartphone owners in need of a ride to drivers who use their private cars to offer transportation services. We are ambitious, passionate, engaged, and excited about pushing the boundaries of the transportation industry to new frontiers and being the first choice of each user in Iran.

About Team
Step into the driver-focused epicenter of Snapp as part of our Driver Engagement Team, where we’re on a mission to navigate beyond the horizon of traditional ride-hailing. Our primary objectives lie in revving up driver engagement, steering innovative loyalty programs, and delivering seamless CRM communications. We’re on the lookout for visionaries eager to shift gears and accelerate the impact of our initiatives with strategic flair and collaborative finesse. Join us to fuel a journey where every turn is geared towards empowering our drivers and enhancing their rides with Snapp.

About Role:
to implement and lead effective social media strategies that increase brand visibility, engage the community, drive growth, and support business goals through creative content, team collaboration, and data-driven decisions.


  1. Enhanced Driver Brand Loyalty: Create an environment on social channels where drivers feel valued and part of a community, leading to increased driver retention.
  2. Acquisition Boost: Use social media to attract new drivers by showcasing the benefits and positive experiences of the existing driver community.
  3. Educational Content Delivery: Ensure drivers are well-informed about new features, policies, best practices, and safety protocols through engaging and easy-to-digest content.
  4. Feedback Loop Creation: Establish a two-way communication channel where drivers can share feedback, informing company policies and feature updates.
  5. Community Building: Foster a sense of community among drivers by highlighting their stories, achievements, and contributions to the service.

Crisis Management: Efficiently manage and respond to any service-related crises that arise, using the social platforms to

  1. disseminate information and mitigate issues among the driver base.
  2. Brand Advocacy: Encourage and cultivate brand advocates out of drivers, who will share their positive experiences and thereby enhance the company’s reputation.
  3. Data-Informed Strategies: Utilize insights from social media analytics to understand driver concerns, preferences, and behavior, guiding more targeted and effective strategies.

These outcomes focus on creating a positive and informative social media presence that supports the drivers, enhances their engagement with the company, and improves their overall experience and satisfaction.


  • Competency
  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Crisis Management
  • Technical Proficiency in social media
  • Influencer Engagement